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Wedding Inspiration Wednesday | Clear Tents

I’ve mentioned before that I would love to see more couples have outdoor wedding receptions and plan the timing so that it’s light outside at least for the beginning of the party. From a photographer’s perspective, natural light is my first choice for photographing details like the cake, decorations, wedding rings, and most importantly…people! But what do you do in case of rain? Might I suggest the clear wedding tent! These tents allow you to maximize the ambient light and the view while providing protection from the elements and a place to attach lanterns, streamers, or whatever your heart desires. These clear tents would be perfect for Colorado mountain weddings where the beauty of the landscape is so important!

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

Source: None via Lindsay on Pinterest

Enjoy! xoxo ~ Lindsay

Wedding photography Denver -

Wow Lindsay, this image set is fantastic! I love your use of natural light and the clean vibrant colors. Great work!

David Wegwart -

Beautiful photography Lindsay. That first shot has other world style colors.